What to do about Telemarketers

Nothing makes me madder than scrambling around the house to find my ringing phone only to find it’s a telemarketer calling. Grrrrrr

I developed a method that makes getting unwanted sales calls actually fun. I look forward to ’em even. 

I am willing to share this golden nugget with you! Why should I have all the fun? Here’s what to do:

When you receive an unsolicited phone call, answer it. Play like you’re all excited about whatever it is the person is trying to sell. Reel ’em in . . . make ’em think, “Oh boy, I found a huge ‘sucker.'” 

Then, when they ask for your information, say, “Could you wait just a minute?”

“Yes,” he’ll pant.

Let him wait.

After a minute, pick up the phone and say, “I changed my mind. Don’t EVER call this number again.” Then hang up. It’s fun . . . it really is. You should try it. 

How the Heck Did I Get Here?

Have you ever just clicked computer buttons just for the fun of it . . . just to see where it takes you?  You don’t?

I do. I get lost all the time by clicking on buttons. I love buttons. Some are so cute, some say, CLICK HERE and flash, some say things that I don’t understand like, “Add Avatar.”  What the heck is an Avatar and where do I get one to add it to the recipe?

This Internet thing is HARD. I’m always lost. If you see me floating around somewhere in space, would you please tell me where I am? I’d appreciate it. I really would.

I’m going to go push more buttons again.

Hope to run across you again soon . . . only I won’t actually RUN across you . . . just bump into you.


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