What to do about Telemarketers

Nothing makes me madder than scrambling around the house to find my ringing phone only to find it’s a telemarketer calling. Grrrrrr

I developed a method that makes getting unwanted sales calls actually fun. I look forward to ’em even. 

I am willing to share this golden nugget with you! Why should I have all the fun? Here’s what to do:

When you receive an unsolicited phone call, answer it. Play like you’re all excited about whatever it is the person is trying to sell. Reel ’em in . . . make ’em think, “Oh boy, I found a huge ‘sucker.'” 

Then, when they ask for your information, say, “Could you wait just a minute?”

“Yes,” he’ll pant.

Let him wait.

After a minute, pick up the phone and say, “I changed my mind. Don’t EVER call this number again.” Then hang up. It’s fun . . . it really is. You should try it. 


6 thoughts on “What to do about Telemarketers

  1. Who was it that used to say; “Never Mind,” haha..That’s great, I bet you do the dishes and laundry while that idiot waits..keep posting laughter is the best medicine..jersey hugs to the Funny lady..

  2. Good idea. I once heard on the radio (I think it was in Spain and probably a joke although very tempting), of somebody who kept making them wait calling all kinds of members of the family as they were the ones in charge of that particular issue, until eventually they got bored and hanged up. I also found the automated messages that make you get to the phone and there is nobody actually at the other side, only a tape, very irritating.

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