Writing Process Blog Tour

Writing Process Blog Tour.

Hey Everyone! . . . As usual, I got lost. It was the very talented, super great author Jaro Berse . . . author of the book “Leadership by Virtue” that invited me to the “Writing Process Blog Tour.”

Talk about a great example . . . he is it. Sorry Jaro. 😦


Writing Process Blog Tour


I was invited by Author Jaro Berse who was invited by Author Regina Puckett to take part in the “Writing Process Blog Tour.” Its purpose is to showcase different author methods all over the world.

I gotta admit it . . . I’m not sure if I’m supposed to post my blog here or somewhere else. I’m lost no matter where I am . . . so, I’m going for it. What’s the worst that can happen? Right?


What am I working on?

Right now I’m working on two books . . . something I don’t thing you should ever do. But . . . hey . . . when do I ever follow the rules?

The Ghost in Room 3327 is a sequel to The Danish Pastry. I know what I want to write. I’ve done the research because the ghost that I write about is an actual ghost who haunts the famous Hotel Del Coronado. The Ghost in Room 3327 is the narrator. She tells her side of the story, which is very interesting. 2ghostdanIMG_5588

The other book I’m working on is, “Lost in Bizarre-O World.” It is in the Crazy Lady journal form since it is about all the trouble I’ve gotten myself into on the Internet. Sadly, it’s funny.

How does my work differ from others of the same genre?

I don’t think there is a genre for me. I think I’m the first crazy person to write romance, comedy, paranormal, and memoirs. If anyone can think of a genre for me, I’d appreciate it.

1messPicture 174

Why do I write what I do?

Honestly . . . I write the stories that are living in my mind. Some of them are ones I have actually experienced, and the others are the ones that entertain me when I’m bored. cropped-laraes-banner.jpg

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

1sleeping grandpaPicture 040

I always carry a notebook with me. I never know when my brain is going to decide to work.
First, I write a draft. I then type my draft on the computer. Every time, the written draft comes out different when I type it. I make a copy of the draft and my husband and I read through it. I make the necessary corrections on the computer, then we read it again, and again, and again until I have the stories just the way I want them.

Then I get it published and see that I should have read through my writing one more time. CRUD.

The picture above is an example of the effect my writing has upon my husband. 😉


Too Much of a Doofus to Blog

The Crazy Lady Speaks


I didn’t think it was a possibility that a person could be so clueless that she couldn’t even blog.

Well . . . folks . . . I’m here to tell you that I am living proof. No kidding. I’m surprised I can even post this. Maybe I just think I’m blogging or posting . . . is there a difference?

See? I don’t even know that. If you somehow get this, please forgive me . . . I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

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Too Much of a Doofus to Blog


I didn’t think it was a possibility that a person could be so clueless that she couldn’t even blog.

Well . . . folks . . . I’m here to tell you that I am living proof. No kidding. I’m surprised I can even post this. Maybe I just think I’m blogging or posting . . . is there a difference?

See? I don’t even know that. If you somehow get this, please forgive me . . . I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

Marion Lovato

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement group's Blog

Marion is the host for the group’s Children’s Literature Blog and she invites the readers and fellow authors to interact through comments, posts and author pages.

http://marsocialauthorbusinessenhancementchildrenslit.wordpress.com/ http://marsocialauthorbusinessenhancementchildrenslit.wordpress.com/

Marion’s chief life influences most importantly were her parents. She is currently writing genre Fictional Children’s Literature and poetry.

Marion Lovato

Writing the “Great American Novel” has always been a dream, but it seemed that life would get in the way! Wrote short stories when I was a child and then started writing poetry when I graduated from college. Dedicated a poem and a scrapbook of pictures to my parents one year for Christmas just to let them know how much I loved them. Tears flowing from their eyes told me I had reached their hearts as well. Heck, I even wrote a poem that was copyrighted and put in the Denver Broncos locker room when they lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the Super…

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Hot Flashes



See this picture? That’s me having a hot flash. That’s the actual color my skin turns during a hot flash–bright red–no kidding. It’s not like I can hide my hot flashes from anyone–it’s right there, on my face. 

If I just dripped with sweat, I could blame the sun and say, “I laid out and got a sunburn.” Do people lay out anymore or do they just go to tanning salons?

During a hot flash, I could wipe the sweat off my face before anyone sees it. But . . . when my skin turns to scarlet, what can I say? I don’t have anything to say, if you really want to know. Everyone says it for me. They say, “Look at the face of that poor crimson lady. She must REALLY be having a hot flash.”

There’s nothing I can do to hide it. I might as well carry a neon sign over my head that says, “Stay away . . . I’m having a hot flash.”

I might not mind hot flashes so much if they would burn some fat off my butt and thunder thigh in the process–but . . . Noooo. All I get is a scarlet red face–which is totally cruddy. Grrrr


Come Promote With Us

Great opportunity

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Blogs

The MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Blogs are a unique opportunity for readers and authors alike. We are opening blogs specific to classes of writing and bringing authors and readers together. Authors are offered support,  author pages, and possibly group blog sites for free so they may share blogging post that are free to readers. We understand that readers and authors depend on each other and becoming a little closer is a great way to make things easier on all of us. Please come join this open community as there is a place for everyone.

Authors, come take advantage of the group’s support as there is strength in numbers. If you are too busy to host a blog, submit an author page on the site that fits your work. The group will be promoting daily on all the social networks and as we grow we can attempt even more advanced marketing…

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LaRae Parry- “Author of the Day”

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We would be missing a chance to share a wonderful author if LaRae did not start up our weekend, she is offering The Danish Pastry at many of it’s retailors including Amazon for 99 cents, pick it up for a good read.

LaRae Parry works in many classes of genre, but she anchors the humor post. It is a natural fit for LaRae as no matter what topic she writes her humor always sneaks in and it is her nature. LaRae welcomes readers and authors to interact with the Humor Blog by posting funny stories and author pages for her humor writing peers.

http://marsocialauthorbusinessenhancementhumor.wordpress.com/ http://marsocialauthorbusinessenhancementhumor.wordpress.com/

For LaRae life is a good time if you can dance and make people smile

laraes 1dancepicture-002

So when LaRae is instigating some comedy we are watching.

LaRae's pic
MARSocial resident Queen of comedy is LaRae Parry, and she is the group representative in charge of creative humorous content. We…

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March Madness, Little League, and Rabbit Ears

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Rabbit Ears

March Madness, Little League Refs, and Rabbit Ears

Ever since my son played little league basketball, I heard the phrase, “Hey ref, put down your rabbit ears.” I always wondered why the fans yelled that. I’m serious. I did.

I didn’t dare ask for fear I’d look dumb. (D’Oh) I mean, I was already known as the town dunce, I didn’t want to look like one, so I went along with the rabbit ear phrase.

It was when my GRANDSONS started playing basketball that I understood the ‘rabbit ears’ comment. For over twenty years, I believed, the ‘rabbit ears’ comment meant the cute, little, fluffy ears of a bunny. D’Oh. I finally understood it was a reference to the antenna on an old television. “Ah ha!”

A few Saturdays ago, I told a purely awful little league ref to ‘put his rabbit ears down.” I quickly found out HIS rabbit…

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