What the heck?

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I guess if you push enough buttons, you’re gonna eventually land on a page or site or blog or whatever the heck this is and you’re gonna have to write sumthun.

I’m new to the Internet, er, I’m lost in the Internet.

Why can’t the Internet have terms and words, etc., that are easy to understand? Is it some kind of conspiracy to keep OLD folks from infiltrating the world wide web? (whatever the heck that is).

What the heck is a dashboard? The last one I saw was in my car.

I’m getting mad just thinking about all the misleading ‘nouns’ (?) used on this thing called the Internet. What the heck? Give us older generation a break and make up new terminology. Things: Like . . . Dohickey, gizmo, little tiny picture . . . stuff like that.

Is there anyone I can talk to? Or is this…

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