March Madness, Little League, and Rabbit Ears

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Rabbit Ears

March Madness, Little League Refs, and Rabbit Ears

Ever since my son played little league basketball, I heard the phrase, “Hey ref, put down your rabbit ears.” I always wondered why the fans yelled that. I’m serious. I did.

I didn’t dare ask for fear I’d look dumb. (D’Oh) I mean, I was already known as the town dunce, I didn’t want to look like one, so I went along with the rabbit ear phrase.

It was when my GRANDSONS started playing basketball that I understood the ‘rabbit ears’ comment. For over twenty years, I believed, the ‘rabbit ears’ comment meant the cute, little, fluffy ears of a bunny. D’Oh. I finally understood it was a reference to the antenna on an old television. “Ah ha!”

A few Saturdays ago, I told a purely awful little league ref to ‘put his rabbit ears down.” I quickly found out HIS rabbit…

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