LaRae Parry- “Author of the Day”

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement group's Blog

We would be missing a chance to share a wonderful author if LaRae did not start up our weekend, she is offering The Danish Pastry at many of it’s retailors including Amazon for 99 cents, pick it up for a good read.

LaRae Parry works in many classes of genre, but she anchors the humor post. It is a natural fit for LaRae as no matter what topic she writes her humor always sneaks in and it is her nature. LaRae welcomes readers and authors to interact with the Humor Blog by posting funny stories and author pages for her humor writing peers.

For LaRae life is a good time if you can dance and make people smile

laraes 1dancepicture-002

So when LaRae is instigating some comedy we are watching.

LaRae's pic
MARSocial resident Queen of comedy is LaRae Parry, and she is the group representative in charge of creative humorous content. We…

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