Isn’t this McDonalds?

true story

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My granddaughter Kapri is a genus. I mean it–she really is. She knows when to be embarrassed and everything!

When my daughter was ill, I went to her house and said, “I’m gonna get you guys some fast food for lunch. Where do you want me to go?”

Daughter: “McDonald’s. They have a new salad I’d like to try.”

Me: “Oh really? Hmmm . . . maybe I’ll get one too.” I turned to Kapri, Dylan, and Daken (my grandchildren) and asked, “What do you lovelies what?”

Dylan: “Chicken nuggets.”

Kapri: “A big Mac and fries.”

Daken: “Me too.”

Me: “Me too, what, Dake?”

Daken: “I want a big Mac and fries too.”

Me: “Gotcha”

I grabbed my keys and Kapri. We headed up the road to Main Street where all kinds of fast food joints live. I turned in the McDonald’s parking lot to the drive-thru . . …

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