The Will to Live

The worm turned?

Living while Dying

waterPicture 174

I don’t know how many sponge baths I had to endure. I lost count. Was I really that dirty? All I was doing was lying around, well . . . that was a lot for me seeing how I couldn’t breathe on my own.

Like a huge old side of beef, I got hoisted, scrubbed down, cleaned up, had the bed linens changed, and my hospital gown changed over and over. Crud.

One time, the aides were so busy hoisting and turning, they got the blue hoses that were connected to the ventilator wrapped around my neck.

“Ha,” I thought. “Instead of dying from respiratory failure, I’m gonna be strangled to death. That will show ‘em.” I pointed to the tubes around my throat and the aides laughed.

Aide: “Oh, ha, ha, we got so busy washing you, we forgot all about the tubes.”

Me: Really? I hadn’t noticed…

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