Just Smile Dang It!

How hard is it to smile? Huh? Just how hard is it?

smilePicture 387

Don’t answer that . . . I’ll tell you how hard it is . . . it isn’t hard at all, so there. So, why don’t people smile back when smiled at? Don’t answer that question either. I’ll tell you why . . . I don’t know.

While at a local craft store, I passed a lady in the scrapbooking aisle. Our eyes met . . . locked on even. I smiled.

breiasmile 131

She didn’t. Grrrr

That made me mad. I wanted to take my smile back. How does one “unsmile” when she already flashed a smile? Don’t answer that . . . I’ll tell you the answer . . . she CAN’T.

If only the stranger had just smiled back I wouldn’t be wishing I could take MY smile back.

People . . . if a person smiles at you, just smile back, dang it. It’s not that hard. Just turn the corners of your mouth up and smile . . . dang it.



6 thoughts on “Just Smile Dang It!

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  2. LaRae, I smile at everyone, If they don’t smile back that’s on them. You did your part to make their day just a little better and if they can’t take your smile as a good gesture and smile back,Well, Screw em.

    Keep smiling, never let anyone rain on your parade funny lady.. I always say Hello with a smile. That usually startles them and makes them smile back. Don’t ever think your smile is not worth it, Cause it is. Love you, Jersey..

    • LOL Awww . . . Jersey . . . you know I love you. But, one of my pet peeves is people not smiling back. How hard is it? It’s not hard–that’s how hard. 😉 That’s why I want to go back and smack ’em upside the head.

      Although, under my breath, I DO say, “Well then, sit on it.”

      Makes ME feel better. 🙂


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