A Playboy, A Policeman, and Igor

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Excerpt from, The Danish Pastry


After he got fingerprinted, Dax was taken to an investigation room:

Detective: “Okay, let’s start at the beginning. Tell me again, how did you get that Beemer?”

Dax: “Like I said, a red-haired lady who was a guest at the Hotel Del Coronado gave them to me.”

Detective: “Now, why would she do that?”

Dax: “She was on the beach. I saw her bag.”

Detective: “Her bag?”

Dax: “Never mind about the bag.”

Detective: “You don’t tell me never mind–I tell you never mind. Got that? What about the bag?”

Dax: “Sorry detective. I saw that she had a nice Dolce & Gabbana bag, so I introduced myself.”

Detective: “Because of her bag?”

Dax: “It’s a long story.”

Detective: “We have all night.”

Dax: “Crap.”

Detective: “What was that?”

Dax: “Sorry. Since I work at the hotel, I like to introduce myself to the…

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