Hold the Cheese

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1cover4 journalIMG_5542   After a long morning of heavy shopping, my daughter, granddaughter, and I were dead tired and hungry. We needed food, so I sped to the nearest fast food joint drive-thru. My daughter and granddaughter like CHEESEburgers. I don’t.  I only like hamburgers.

When I drove up to the speaker, a speaker lady asked, “Can I take your order?”

It always irks me when someone asks if they can take my order. The correct way to ask that question is: May I . . . 

Don’t schools teach proper English anymore? I wanted to correct the speaker lady, but held my tongue because it would have absolutely humiliated Spring and Capri (my daughter and granddaughter). Spring should be used to being humiliated by now . . . I raised her to be humiliated. But, Capri is altogether a different deal. She’s my granddaughter. I only want to slightly 

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