It’s a Miracle

Doc couldn’t do anything about my brain. That was sad.

Living while Dying


Not long after I recognized my room was filled to the brim with unseen angels, one of the nurses said, “You’ve broken your fever. Did you know you had a fever?”

Me: Excuse me. I have a big thing down my throat. I can’t answer right now . . . and NO I did not know I had a fever.

Nurse: “Your temperature was 106°. We can’t believe it’s gone down so fast. It’s almost like a miracle—no one’s fever goes from 106° to normal in the space of a few minutes.”

Me: Are you talking to me? You do realize I can’t respond, don’t you? I’m all tied up at the moment. Oh, and I’m not surprised about the temperature thing.

Nurse: “Your blood pressure is even coming back up. It was 70/50 . . . close to death. I’ve had patients who have died with better blood pressures.”

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