Worst Sponge Bath Ever

Living while Dying

sponge     Worst Sponge Bath Ever

With a goofy smile on his face, the young orderly began washing me with his cleaning supplies. What I wanted to know was this: How come a female nurse was washing my legs and feet? How come he didn’t get the lower half? Did he volunteer for the upper half, is he a pervert? Is he crazy? If he did volunteer, how come he’s not locked up in the loony bin?

To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t have volunteered to clean my upper part, surely wouldn’t. Did the cleaning crew draw straws and he got the short one? All I know is neither one of us was very happy when he slipped off my dirty hospital gown.

My stomach was his first casualty. As the orderly scrubbed my entire mid-section, he worked his way up to my chest, where things got way…

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