My Smart Phone is Dumb

smartphone 109

I shuffled my way to the lady behind the customer service counter, “How come other people’s smart phones are smart and mine is dumb? I paid for a smart phone, but it doesn’t do anything.”

The representative scratched her head. I continued. My granddaughter’s phone can text, email, take selfies, instagram (whatever the heck that is), play games, take pictures, and do a bunch of other stuff I’ve never seen before. My phone looks just like hers . . . so why is hers smart and mine dumb?”

Rep: “Can I see your phone please?”

I handed her my phone. The screen was completely blank . . . as blank as the look on my face.

Rep: “You just need to charge the batteries in your phone.”

Me: “My phone has batteries?”

Rep: “Uh . . . huh.”

Me: “I don’t want a phone that has batteries.”

Rep: “Would you rather have a land-line phone?”

Me: “No. I want a phone that sits on my kitchen counter.”

The look on her face was as blank as the screen on my dumb smart phone, so I walked out of the store.

Boy, some people sure are dumb.


4 thoughts on “My Smart Phone is Dumb

  1. I so wish you had these things taped. It’s like candid Camera. The look on these peoples faces must be priceless. And I know you’re serious. Never change LaRae. You are one of a kind and you are loved just the way you are.. I miss those phones too..When I could remember everyone’s phone numbers. And didn’t have to answer the phone when we are out for the day. Yea, time are changing but I don’t know if it’s for the better… Hugs from Jersey, ❤

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