Zwijgen is fout / Silence is wrong

Waar mijn pen ligt, ben ik thuis

Boeket door Bob



Wat kan ik zeggen

als er geen woorden voor zijn?


Wat kan ik schrijven

als de inkt is opgedroogd?


Wat kan ik zingen

als ieder akkoord vals klinkt?


Maar zwijgen is fout.




What can I say

when there are no words?


What can I write

when the ink has run dry?


What can I sing

when there is no key?

But silence is wrong.


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Meet Guest Author Viv Drewa

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Viv DrewaHi, I’m Viv Drewa. I’ve loved owls my whole life, since I can remember. I’ve even embroidered some on my tank tops. Yes, I love to sew and had my own business but the economy made it difficult. I made wedding gowns and formal gowns. I loved it and watching the faces of the girls as they tried their gowns on. I still sew and always will. It’s a passion I’ve had since I was seven years old. Other than sewing I like to cross stitch and crochet.

My other passion is reading and have been an avid reader since I first learned how to read. That’s what fueled another passion: writing. In the past I’ve written several things and won second and third place for a poem and a short story. The short story was later published in a Polish American magazine and then published. It was about my…

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Robin Williams: His Last Laugh


1arobin13Suicide isn’t a laughing matter. Neither is depression.

Have we lost the ability to see that line between genuinely mourning the loss of someone and using it to gain attention for ourselves?

Where to begin? The media are too obvious, they’re a well-oiled exploitation machine.

Social media is too often the Land of Shallow, where pictures, platitudes, Slacktivism, jokes, and memes are welcome, but anything of substance is frequently ignored or seen as annoying.

Yet it’s the memorials that confuse me the most.
What does wasting money on flowers, balloons, teddy bears and candles do?
Does it bring those lost back?
Does it stop the next accident, murder, or suicide?
No. It just mildews.
What a terrible waste.

Maybe it’s a form of pain behaviour. People need to show how much they care, show that they’re in pain.


Take the money you would spend on items for a memorial and…

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Hello everyone around the world!!! I have a feeling tomorrow will be a very very special day.

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady


Hello everyone around the world!!! I have a feeling tomorrow will be a very very special day. The passing of Robin Williams has touched all of us in such a profound way and has brought us all together. Here is information for tomorrow.
First and for most his family and
Close friends have asked for their privacy at this time. Please respect this request.
If you can, wear the color RED! (Color of his first tv roll Mork from Ork)
This event is scheduled for Monday 8/18 at 1PM Pacific Standard Time (California time). Synchronize your watches for your time zone (3pm central 4 PM eastern time, etc etc) duration is for one minute but if you want to go longer go for it!
VERY IMPORTANT you can do this from wherever your at (home, your office, classroom, have some
People doing it on a cruise ship) BUT if you…

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