What in the World is Happening?


I try to see the humor in things. I really do.

Alas, some things just aren’t funny—like the occurring genocide of Christians, Kurds, Jews, and other cultures by terrorists groups like the vicious and evil ISIS.

I do not pretend to be a political person. But, I am a caring person—someone who is watching in horror, the happenings around the world.

What can we do? What?

Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing. Life can be snuffed out in a second. I know. I was at death’s door at one time, then brought back. I was given a second chance, if you will. I was given a special insight as to what really matters.

This is what we can do: We can love those around us. Hold them tightly, as if it is your last day on earth, for indeed, it just might be.

What is happening in the world only instills in me the desire to cling to the things I cherish—the things that matter. Who cares if the beds aren’t made as long as my family is happy? What does it matter? Who cares what kind of car we drive as long as it will carry us to those we love.

In times as tumultuous as these, nothing really matters except family. Right? What in the world could matter more?

Gather your family together and tell them you love them. Don’t wait another day, another minute, another second. If we do this—if we hold our families close as evil gathers around us, we will be able to preserve them. Preserve another generation of love. And isn’t that what the world needs today?



11 thoughts on “What in the World is Happening?

  1. Wonderfully stated LaRae, and so true. Undoubtedly there will be those who would turn your humanism into a political debate. But I agree with you. This isn’t about politics. It’s about people, about good and evil, about love over hate, and cherishing each other. Thank you.

  2. Whatever else is said, I am convinced that this is not God’s purpose for His creation.
    The way I see it, the Abrahamic world religions share a common belief in the Genesis story. Chapter 2, that is, where God creates man in His own image, in His own likeness, like a reflection of Himself.

    If that is true, then killing a human being becomes equivalent to destroying the image of God.

    I see these demonstrations on the news broadcasts where protesters burn a nation’s flag, and just occasionally, they burn a photograph or destroy an effigy of a political leader. They do it to show contempt. They do it to offend or insult.

    It makes me wonder how God feels when man destroys His creation, His image, His own likeness. Somehow, I can’t see Him being pleased.

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