The Advertising Trick That Will Get You Noticed on Twitter

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BOOK MARKETING ON TWITTER Use The Formula That Revolutionized Advertising To Take Your Book Marketing Tweets To The Next Level

Twitter is a valuable resources for self published authors, both as a place to meet others engaged in writing and as a place to promote their work. But in the last several years, Twitter has become so popular for book marketing  that it can be hard to get noticed. Amid all the #worthreading, #newbook and #buymybook your message can get lost. Below is a tried-and-true method, used by creative directors at the top advertising agencies,  to make your promotional tweets stand out and reach readers. Plus the one Twitter rule to follow to make sure you’re engaging your followers.

The Golden Twitter Rule:DON’T OVER-PROMOTE. Twitter, like all social media, is based on exchange and reciprocity.  For it to work well, it should involvGive it a reste giving and taking. Instead of going to…

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