Joan Rivers – She Can Hear You

Talk to her – she can hear you

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It’s been almost nine years since I was on life-support. It’s been almost nine years since I was under sedation to allow my lungs and body to recover from the trauma of aspirating anesthesia during surgery that should never have been performed when it was.

Why shouldn’t it have been performed? Because I was sick the day of my scheduled outpatient surgery. My intuition told me so, but my doctor disagreed. Sadly, I believed my doctor. I had the surgery and ended up in the I.C.U. on life-support, not expected to live.

I often wondered why I suffered that affliction. My lungs are now permanently damaged and I am suffering the effects of declining health. I thought perhaps the reason why I suffered that affliction was to help others to trust their instincts. But, now I wonder. Now with funny lady Joan Rivers in the hospital in an induced coma…

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