Santa is a Hunk – No Kidding


Santa is a hunka-hunka burning love. For real. Just read it, one of them (Santas) will tell you.

Hubba-Hubba Santa Claus is a Christmas romantic comedy the whole family can enjoy. It just might be a new traditional read. Who knows? Only Santa.

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Advertisements Sales Rank—How Does it Work? (Research-Based)


Sales Rank


How does Amazon sales rank work? Specifically, what factors affect the sales rank of books (or other products) at

These questions will be answered in this article—as the result of years of research on this topic.

It’s easy to perform controlled experiments on sales rank. Here is the kind of research that went into the preparation of this article:

  • I’ve purchased hundreds of books, e-books, and other products over the course of several years on Amazon, both directly from Amazon and through third-party sellers on Amazon. It’s easy to monitor the sales rank before and after each purchase.
  • I’ve studied years of sales rank data for dozens of books that I’ve published. I’ve compared this data to royalty reporting and Nielsen Bookscan data from Author Central.
  • Since 2008, there have been cases where I was able to make firsthand observations of purchases on Amazon, in which case…

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A Storytelling Secret




Of course, there isn’t just one tip toward becoming a master storyteller.

You don’t necessarily need to be a storyteller to appreciate the art of storytelling. A master storyteller can pull it off, but any reader can appreciate the art—and can tell which kinds of storytelling please him or her.

This article will just focus on one of the many aspects of storytelling.

One thing that many great stories do well is this:

Make it cool to be different.

It may be a plus if this is something that much of your target audience can relate to.

Here are some examples:

  • Rudolph, with his bright red nose, is a favorite misfit reindeer. He fit in with misfit toys in a popular Christmas special.
  • Shrek is one cool ogre, and Donkey is pretty cool, too. Fiona’s fate is a cool twist to the usual ideals, too.
  • Cinderella and Harry…

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How we help our authors grow

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Presents

From poems to short stories to autobiographies to much more, young writers are getting a burst of writing inspiration today!

Encourage young writers to test their author skills through my blog.

Yes, even kids are specialists – in their own way. Many kids have great interest in topics that some adults find difficult. As the kids reach for the teen years they become more in tune to trends, I guess because they are the future.

Let’s harness this youthful growth energy with growing their artistic skills as well.

I list a few projects that could interest them, one or all would be beneficial.

I would like someone to have their child or children provide a book review on whatever they are reading. I will post it on this blog and the groups book review site, then they will be writers that are published.

Create a chain story, which is a…

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The 10 Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make

Nicholas C. Rossis

Cindy Bates is a freelance writer and blogger. She has kindly shared with me this guest post, on some mistakes made by new new authors. Aaand… take it Cindy! 🙂

The 10 Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Have you brushed your teeth? Washed your hands? Proofread your book?

New authors are going to make newbie mistakes–it is only natural. But, a lot of them can be avoided by simply reading articles like this one. Most of the mistakes an author makes are ones that he or she can live without. Sure, they are learning experiences, but you can learn them from articles and save yourself a lot of struggling.

1 – Writing to be a success or to earn big money

You think you can take up writing in order to become successful or to earn big money? To quote the fates, “Ha…Ha…Ha…” Fame and success happen by accident. Sure…

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How to Shoot a Turkey


My son goes to Turkey Shoots. I wish he wouldn’t. I always worry when he does. I worry that he might get shot instead of a turkey.

On his way out the door to go to this year’s Turkey Shoot, I said, “I hope you get a turkey, but don’t get shot.”

Stopping dead in his tracks, he turned to look at me with his eyebrows raised so high, I swear they went off his head—like a cartoon character’s eyebrows do when they’re mystified. With his eyebrows in the air, he asked, “What did you just say?”

Me: “I said I hope you get a turkey but don’t get shot.”

Brad: “Why would I get shot?” He scratched his head.

Me: “Well it’s got to be dangerous with all you hunters standing around in a circle aiming at the pen full of turkeys. With all of you guys blasting away at them at the same time, someone could get shot. I can’t believe no one’s been killed yet.”

Long, awkward pause.

Brad: “Wait a minute. What? What do you think we do at a Turkey Shoot?”

Me: “Shoot turkeys, of course.”

Brad dropped his head. I don’t know why. He just did.

Me: “What’s wrong with you?”

Brad: “It won’t do me any good to try to explain what a turkey shoot is, so I’m not even going to try.”

Me: “So, are you still going to go shoot a turkey?”

Brad: “No. I’ll just go buy a frozen turkey instead.”

Me: “That’s good. I didn’t want you to bring home a dead turkey anyway.”

Brad exited the door with his shotgun over his shoulder. I sure hope he keeps his word and buys a frozen turkey instead of trying to shoot one.