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Do you have a best friend that you know for almost 50 years? I do and believe me it is a great feeling. We met in our twenties. We were both married and Maggie (not her real name) had a beautiful baby daughter, I did not have children at the time.  We met at a make-up party being held at a mutual friend’s home. We were there only because our husbands were friends with the hostess’s husband.  She (the hostess, I’ll call her Joy) was a overbearing pompous ass, and full of herself. Maggie and I started chatting and left the party as soon as we could. We did not wear that much make-up anyway.  Joy on the other hand probably had to shovel it off at night.  From that night on we were like salt and pepper.

We were young, married and did not have much money, but as our friendship grew we discovered…

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