Fun Facts for Thanksgiving


You wanna know some fun facts about Thanksgiving? Really? Believe me, some of them aren’t so fun, but I’ll share. You decide how fun these facts are:

• You cook for 72 hours. The meal is scarfed down in 5 minutes. Not so fun.

• You eat so much that you beg for someone to split your stomach open. Not so fun.

• There are so many dirty dishes that need washing that you ‘accidentally’ break them all and throw them away. That one IS fun.

• You get to listen to your cantankerous hostess (me) moan about all her aches and pains. Fun for me—not so much for the rest of the bunch.

• Football games are being televised on every single channel—even cable. Yuck. Fun for guys. Fun for gals who like to watch big husky men act like babies, or who like to dance like they’re on the movie set of Staying Alive.

• After you’ve thrown away all the dirty dishes, there’s a floor to be mopped.

• You ‘accidentally’ loosen the kitchen pipe under the sink and flood the floor. Hubby mops the mess up. Floor is mopped.

• You drag yourself to the nearest sofa, collapse, then tell your guests to, “go home.”

• On their way out, you holler, “Thanks for coming. See you all next year for some more fun.”


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